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Get the rent services of Desktop computer in Delhi NCR.

Enjoy the rental facility of Desktop computer for rent in Delhi NCR delivered by AMR Technology Pvt Ltd. If you are the one who likes to remain updated with technology and has the habit of always upgrading to a new desktop computer then it’s best for you to get a desktop computer on rent for a day, week or months. We are here with every service you are looking for.

To get a Core i3 Desktop computer of 4th generation with 17inch screen size with keyboard and mouse on rent, know the rent details. For a day pay rs 405, for a week pay 900, for a month pay 1350, and Rs 250 for delivery and pickup and get your hardware at your door. To get a Desktop Intel Core i5 laptop 4th generation with 8Gb memory with LED Monitor on rent, pay Rs 494 for a day, Rs 1350 for a week, Rs 2250 for a month, and rs 290 for delivery and pick up.

To get a Core 2Duo Desktop of 2GB RAM  with a 16 LCD/ LED Monitor on rent pay Rs200 for a day, Rs 400 for a week, Rs 700 for a month.

To Rent an All in one desktop available with 8GB RAM DDR4, 21.5 inches desktop screen, Intel HD Graphics, along with wireless keyboard and mouse, Pay Rs 810 for a day, Rs 1800 for a week, Rs 3150 for a month. Note that the software licenses and operating system are the task of the customer.

Why choose desktop computers on rent in Delhi from AMR Technosoft Pvt Ltd?

AMR Technosoft Pvt Ltd is an expanding company that is serving people to the fullest. We have a team of skilled and certified engineers who meet every requirement of our clients. Meeting client’s requirements is our belief and we guarantee not to disappoint you in any situation. Get a desktop computer on rent of any model like C2D desktop, Desktop Intel Core i5 laptop, Core i3 Desktop computer, and many more

Taking a desktop computer on rent is favorable because there are certain cases where the computer is needed for a short period so taking it on rent is recommended. Sometimes in a company some people are recruited temporary and are made to teach the work on the computer, therefore in such case, the desktop computer on rent is taken for a short duration. The best quality product is checked and dispatched after you place the order. A rental agreement is made that States the beginning and last date of renting and the rental charges that are to be paid. You must choose AMR Technosoft Pvt Ltd in Delhi as we have served several clients and have become their first choice and we have received positive feedback from them. We don’t pressurize our clients in the process of booking or during the rent period. Also, your cooperation will play a great role in our business. Therefore, cooperate with us while booking and make the payment time and return the product in the same conditions as we gave without any damage.