Rental Apple PC

Mac systems definitely boost business productivity because of their high performance and the plethora of applications available; the downside is that Mac machines can be too costly to purchase. We offer you an alternative solution – get all your Mac systems on rent. AMR Technosoft as the nation’s leading rental service provider can deliver any number of Mac devices anytime at any location in India. Increase your business productivity and get the benefits of Mac’s high-performance at affordable prices.

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Providing device Features

  • Make


  • Model

    MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPad (All Models)

  • Processors

    i5/i7/i9 all generations)

  • RAM

    8GB to 64GB

  • HDD

    SATA/SSD/Fusion, with capacity from 256 GB to 8TB

  • Display

    7.9” to 12.9” (iPad), 12’’ to 15’’ (Macbook) and 21’’/27’’ (iMac)

  • Graphic card

    Up to 8 GB of dedicated Graphic card


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