Rental Storage Solution

Companies generate data nearly every minute – be it customer’s contact details, confidential documents, business deals or industry information, the analysis of which is critical to making profitable business decisions. Naturally, you would not want to lose this data treasure trove, however, purchasing storage devices can be quite expensive. A better and more cost-effective alternative is available where you can enjoy all the uses of storage devices and much more — rental storage solutions. AMR Technosoft’s IT storage solutions are customized to cater to a business’s demands. We offer top-of-the-line, durable and efficient storage devices to perform data backup & archiving. Our storage solutions provide various servers with varied storage capacity and write speeds to cover all uses.

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Providing device Features

  • Form Factor

    Tower/Rack (1U to 4 U further expandable through Expansion Bays)

  • Make

    Dell / HPE / IBM / Super Micro / Hitachi / NetApp / Qnap / Netgear

  • Model

    All SMB and Enterprise models

  • Cache Memory

    16GB to 1024GB

  • Drive Form Factor

    3.5’’ / 2.5’’

  • HDD

    SAS/SATA/SSD from single HDD to 750 HDDs (with Expansion Board)

  • Networking

    Gigaport to QSFP+


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